Welcome to Harsha Super-Specialty Medi-Care Facilities

Dr. Sree Harsha Varma, MD (General Medicine) and DM (Endocrinology) started HARSHA DIABETES & ENDOCRINE CLINIC at 1st Floor, N Prime, Beside Padmalaya Theatre, JP.Road, Bhimavaram- 534202.

Bhimavaram, the second most populous city in West Godavari, has now got a boost to its medi-care facilities with the opening of a new diabetes super-specialty clinic. Harsha Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic, the modern and well-equipped hospital, is all set to cater to the medical needs of the population residing not just in the town but in the entire region.

The clinic located beside Padmalaya theatre in J P Road, Bhimavaram, was inaugurated on December 23, 2018 by Shri Gokaraju Ganga Raju, the well-known educationist, industrialist, philanthropist and Member of Parliament.

Our Vision

The goal is to create greater awareness in the people about diabetes and endocrinology and provide them best of holistic medical-care facilities that contribute to better health and overall well-being of the people in the region.

About Clinic

“Most of the patients are unaware of the hormonal issues. Hormonal imbalance results in overweight, irregular periods in women, earlier or delayed puberty, growth of unwanted hair etc. Also, generally, diabetic patients ignore the underlying foot, eye and sensory complications that are developing in them. This knowledge-gap creates serious issues in their overall health at a later stage.  A specialized diabetes and endocrinology care clinic will help them to get free from such disorders.”

With a well-qualified super-specialty doctor with the highest-qualification in the field of specialization and most sophisticated facilities with advanced lab and diagnostic equipment for diabetic and thyroid disorder patients, Harsha Clinic is undoubtedly the most holistic and best hospital in the entire region. It’s indeed a “varam” (boon) of “Bhima”, the personification of good health, to the residents of Bhimavaram!

Our Facilities

“For an early diagnosis of the ailments, we have Fundus camera which analyses the retina health. Also, neuropathy-testing with vibration and temperature sense will help us to understand the sensory issues. We are also equipped with a foot-clinic to diagnose the foot pressure and ulcers. We are the only clinic in the town equipped with Tosho – HLC- 723GX, a machine based on Gold Standard Method to test three-month average sugar levels with precise results. Such advanced diagnosis creates a platform to understand patient condition and prescribe the right medication”.

The clinic also provides free dietician consultation for patients. Despite the best efforts of doctors, health sustenance is a matter that lies mostly in the hands of patients. Under the guidance of a qualified and trained dietician, we want the patients to understand the underlying causes and adopt the necessary changes in their food and lifestyle habits and hobbies for better health.”